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Today’s teens are living in a different word, a world with new rules. Do you know what Gen Z is facing? Do you want to know how to help lead them through the toughest questions they encounter each day?  We have the research, but now what? In the Gen Z Lab we’ve gathered thought leaders to help you understand the unique challenges facing Gen Z and equip you to lead the next generation in a post-Christian culture.



Learn to Lead the Next Generation in a Post Christian Culture

In this ONE-TIME ONLY launch event Jonathan Morrow, Director of Cultural Engagement at Impact 360 Institute, will give an overview and preview of Gen Z Lab - Impact 360's NEWEST initiative equipping YOU to lead Gen Z to live and love like Jesus.











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For years, we’ve heard about the millennials. And the Church has done a lot of thinking about how to minister to the next generation. But the millennials are growing up, and the next, next generation is here. That’s why we wanted to learn more about Gen Z. In this talk, hear from Jonathan Morrow, David Kinnaman, Brooke Hempell, and Roxeanne Stone about the research they did on Gen Z, and what to do now.

Just like every generation of Christians, Gen Z lives at the intersection of faith and culture. And just like every generation, Gen Z has challenges to face, and opportunities to overcome. In this talk, Jonathan Morrow highlights three cultural trends to be aware of and resist in order to engage Gen Z in our post-Christian culture.

There’s sometimes an idea in our culture and even in the church that following Jesus is something that you get serious about when you’re older. But the truth is that it’s important to teach Gen Z how to follow Jesus while they’re young. In this talk, hip-hop artist and author Trip Lee talks about three things that Gen Z needs to do to follow Jesus while they are young.

Generation Z is known as a generation of tolerance. It's a beautiful quality. However, alongside a loving acceptance of those around them, Generation Z has also been given a false view of tolerance. Gen Z has heard that tolerance means accepting every idea or truth claim as equally valid - but is that what true tolerance is? In this talk, Biola University professor and apologist Sean McDowell tells us what tolerance really is, and shows how sometimes, telling someone the truth is the most loving thing you can do for them.

Gen Z faces challenges to their faith emotionally, morally, and intellectually at a rate that generations before them have not. So in leading the next generation, how do we go about overcoming these challenges? It all starts with worldview. In this talk, Jonathan Morrow discusses three things every young person needs to have a transformed worldview.

In Barna's Gen Z Research, 37% of those interviewed said their gender/sexuality was very important to their sense of self. However, like many in our culture, Gen Z is often confused about how to think biblically about gender and sexuality. In this conversation, Dr. Christopher Yuan, author of Holy Sexuality and the Gospel, and Jonathan Morrow discuss what the Bible says about gender and sexuality, how to engage it with compassion, and how to lead Gen Z into a holy sexuality.

"Young people today face more challenges emotionally, morally, and intellectually, just one click away, than any generation that has ever existed. The formula is to teach kids how to think Christianly, but do it in the context of relationships and also give them practice and experience to live it out. And that’s exactly what Impact 360 does. So if you’re a parent, if you’re a youth leader, if you’re a teacher, get your students to Impact 360, because it’s a game-changer for their faith."

Sean McDowell
Speaker and Professor, Biola University

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