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Gen Z Is Living In A Different World

Season 4

Today’s teens are living in a different world, a world with new rules. Do you know what Gen Z is facing? Do you want to know how to help lead them through the toughest questions they encounter each day?  We have the research, but now what? 

We have assembled a group of experts to help you understand the unique challenges facing Gen Z and equip you to lead the next generation in a post-Christian culture.

Join the thousands of other Christian leaders who are part of Gen Z Lab.

31+ Episodes and Counting

Learn from thoughtful Christian leaders, pastors, authors, and artists as they provide insights on the various challenges and topics facing Gen Z.

Become Grounded in a Biblical Worldview

It's not uncommon for students from Generation Z to have doubts about their faith. However, 32% of churchgoing teens say the church is not a safe place for them to explore their questions and express their doubts. Learn to address doubt without sacrificing truth.

Small Group or Personal Study

Gen Z Lab is perfect for individuals, groups, and teams. The content is self-paced and will definitely spark helpful conversations

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What is Gen Z Lab?

Gen Z Lab is your guide to leading the next generation in a post-Christian culture. People have been studying Millennials for years. But now we need to be equipped for the next generation—Gen Z.

In a groundbreaking, nationally representative study Impact 360 Institute partnered with the Barna Group to examine what today’s teenagers believe about the biggest questions of life and what is shaping them. Gen Z Vol. 1, published in 2018, lead to us asking - what do we do with our findings? What now and where do we start? The Gen Z Lab is our answer. 

Jonathan Morrow, Director of Cultural Engagement and Student Discipleship at Impact 360 Institute, in conversation with other thought leaders (including Sean McDowell, Derwin Gray, Alisa Childers, Trip Lee, Christopher Yuan, Brett Kunkle, and others) engage Gen Z’s toughest questions and challenges while highlighting their greatest opportunities to fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

You will come away better equipped to champion a new generation as they learn to navigate a post-Christian culture.


"It is no longer someone else's job to worry about the next generation and what kind of leaders they will be. It is our responsibility as Christian leaders to work to produce young people who are grounded in Truth and who are willing to influence the world by living Christ-focused lives. Impact 360 Institute offers programs designed to meet this challenge, and believe me, the next generation of leaders will be better because of it."

Josh McDowell
Apologist and Author of “Evidence That Demands a Verdict,” and more

"I can't think of anything better between high school and the college years than to set aside time to discover God, explore the world and fine-tune your vision for the rest of your life. That's what Impact 360 is all about, combining great teaching with practical experience preparing your role in God's amazing story."

Louie Giglio
Pastor, Passion City Church, Passion Conferences, sixsteps records

"Over the last 40 years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling and speaking in all 50 states, and in countries across the sea. I’ve spoken in hundreds of venues—churches, campuses, communities and so on. And in that period of time, there is a small handful of ministries that rise above all the rest. Near the top of that list is Impact 360. I have never seen an organization do such a good job of nurturing and training and developing solid Christian disciples as Impact 360 Institute. From the facilities, the excellent training of their faculty, to the young men and women that mentor and disciple the students, Impact 360 Institute has it all."

J.P. Moreland
J.P. Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, author of “Love Your God With All Your Mind,” and more

Season Four

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Impact 360 Institute 

Located in Pine Mountain, Georgia, Impact 360 Institute has been cultivating leaders who follow Jesus since 2006. Through biblical worldview education, community-based discipleship, leadership coaching, vocational mentoring, and missional opportunities, students are equipped to live as change-agents in the world. Impact 360 Institute serves High School graduates through their 9-month Impact 360 Fellows experience, teenagers for one and two weeks through Impact 360 Immersion and Propel, and young professionals pursuing a graduate degree through Impact 360 Masters.


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