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Gen Z Lab Season Four

With the launch of Gen Z Vol. 2 in partnership with Barna, Impact 360 Institute is excited to invite you to season 4 of Gen Z Lab. This season, we're talking about the trend in our culture to turn everything into an "us vs. them" scenario, secular views of justice, and how to bring about the good we want to see in the world. We need to equip Gen Z to think through these issues and find a gospel-centered way to encounter and influence our culture.

What is Gen Z Lab?

Gen Z Lab is your guide to leading the next generation in a post-Christian culture. It exists to spark a conversation for leaders around the challenges and opportunities presented to Gen Z.

Gen Z Lab is a conversation with some of today’s leading experts on the next generation.  In Gen Z Lab, you’ll have access to hours of exclusive video content from thought leaders like Jonathan Morrow, Sean McDowell, Trip Lee, and Christopher Yuan. Also, you will have access to a private Facebook group for discussions and encouragement with other Gen Z leaders.

Become better equipped to handle some of Gen Z’s biggest challenges, including: truth and relativism, gender identity, sexuality, technology, and post-Christian culture.

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